Fuck Yeah! Tumblr Blogs

Inspired by several other blogs that feature amazing blogs, Fuck Yeah! Tumblr Blogs will actually try to make sure those who are deserving of recognition gets it by having other tumblr users nominate someone who they think are truly amazing.

So if you want to see someone be featured here, then do the following:
  +email fckyeah.tumblrblogs@gmail.com
  +in the email, include the URL of the tumblr user
  +then add a brief summary about the user. doesn't have to be serious.

Also, we now have a "blogs you might also like" section. These are blogs that we've especially chosen that people might take an interest into. Nothing personal, we just happen to think they're pretty cool.

Blogs You Might Also Like:
Apr 11

Featured Tumblr blog #15

He is a photographer. I find his photography interesting. I think it is striking and original. I think his posts deserve to get a few more likes/reblogs than I see him getting.

Apr 09

Featured Tumblr blog #14

Probably the most genius person in tumblr. I love the fact that he gives a lot of thought to every one of his entries, even if they’re simple reblogs or one word text entries that seem to be completely random; but they aren’t. He has a way with words, that even an English Literature major like me could admire.


Featured Tumblr blog #13

She’s beyond interesting. From fashion photography to traditional japanese drawings, the photos she posts covers pretty much every topic imaginable.

Apr 08

Featured Tumblr Blog #12

He’s probably the most kickass person in Tumblr. Honest and straight to the point, with his opinions. Plain and simple. Oh, and he has some cool photos also, that he actually took.


Featured Tumblr Blog #11

this sneaker freak has awesome taste in fashion, design and pop culture. he’s opinionated and loves talking shiz. & he’s also got some wicked cool posts mixed random funny posts. oh yeah, he lives in hollister, california!